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Protecting the integrity of the core is essential to the successful recovery of a core sample. The quality of your core analysis hinges pivotally on whether or not the core sample is contaminated with drilling fluid. Occasionally we will use specifically designed equipment to ensure this does not occur.

Our experienced engineers specialize in assessing and determining your field needs from a knowledgeable perspective to provide the best possible tool selection to alleviate any issues that may arise. DB Coring core bits are specifically designed with features that reduce the amount of drilling fluid contamination to protect the integrity of the core sample. In addition, our bits are designed to eliminate the possibility of choking off fluid flow if spacing is somehow altered. All of our bits are made from materials that reduce the tendency to crack if pushed through a tight spot or a key ledge in the hole.

To reduce on-site downtime and respect the time sensitivity of your project, we are prepared to produce the parts and equipment you may require as soon as the need arises. Our in-house design and manufacturing team can turn around jobs as efficiently as any other team in our industry, often with a better understanding of your needs and a higher quality of service.


Contact us if you need a core bit for your specific application requirements and our engineering teams will coordinate with you to design one to meet your exact needs. Once you approve the bit design, our in-house manufacturing team will ensure your custom bit is built by your deadline.

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