Conventional Coring

Conventional coring is continuous coring to obtain samples in 30′ lengths that can be stacked to meet your requirements. We capture core in an inner barrel and bring it to the surface for processing. Our quality service and recovery efficiency separate us from the pack in the conventional coring market. We understand coring to its core and leverage that knowledge to obtain quality samples within tight deadlines.

At DB Coring,we apply our knowledge and experience to overcome several major potential obstacles faced in the coring industry. If a job requires customized bits or additional equipment, our tools are designed, processed and delivered on site faster than any of our competitors. The entire production process is completed in-house ensuring our customer’s needs are fulfilled. We recognize that any delay in the field is costly; this is your chance to curtail unintended costs.

Inner Barrel Positioning System (IBPS)

Heat expansion during the coring process is an important factor to obtaining the core sample you desire and need. Temperatures downhole are extreme, reaching 300°F or more. Inner aluminum tubes expand at a different rate than the outer tubes made of steel. This can cause the inner barrel to expand several inches in length by the time the core barrel reaches bottom hole. This thermal expansion must be compensated for prior to tripping in the hole to ensure that the inner tube shoe does not sit on the bit while drilling.

The IBPS keeps your project on track and prevents drilling fluid invasion, further ensuring and protecting the sample. With our patented positioning system, our service engineers can easily adjust the inner barrel with a generous amount of adjustment length without breaking out any of the outer barrel connections.

API Standard Outer Tube Stabilizers

DB Coring provides integral bladed Outer Tube Stabilizers at 72 inch lengths matching the recommendation of API. This includes maximum neck length to allow operators to make up and break out the connection using an Iron Roughneck. These features expand our field capabilities and provide safer alternatives.

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